After 20 years in the tech sector - including running Google’s European Enterprise Business Thomas  - Thomas Davies founded Temporall to disrupt cultural analytics & help businesses unlock & measure the true value of their people. Since launching in 2017, Temporall have deployed their solution at dozens of blue chips including Rakuten, Google, Dyson & Arup.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The role of an entrepreneur - the CEO decathlete building a team of Olympians
  • The behaviours & values you, as a leader, need to consistently demonstrate to attract employees who’ll make a real difference to your organisation & to your clients 
  • The importance of simple messaging for business success - especially when you're trying to create a new product category
  • Why digital transformation without insightful organisational intelligence is very risky
  • The challenges of building a brand identity & an entirely new product category

Check out for more insights into organisational intelligence & for more advice on building a team of Olympians!

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