Scott Belsky is an entrepreneur, author,  and investor, and currently serves as Adobe’s Chief Product Officer.

Scott’s also a Venture Partner with Benchmark and an early advisor and investor in a number of fast-growing companies like Pinterest, Uber, and Periscope.

He is the author of "Making Ideas Happen" and in early October 2018 published his new book "The Messy Middle": The product or company launch gets cheered, the finish line gets celebrated, but the rocky terrain in between is woefully underestimated and misunderstood!

Scott discusses his research & provides business & product leaders with tangible suggestions to help them navigate the journey from volatile startup to mature successful business:

  • How to endure the extreme volatility of a new venture
  • Optimization – how to make your team & decision-making more effective
  • The importance of “killing your darlings” (not as shocking as it sounds!)
  • How we falsely attribute our own expertise, or lack of expertise, to both our successes and our failures – how to stay grounded when you and your business are being successful

For more insights from the Messy Middle check out and for advice on hiring world class talent for start-ups and scale-ups head over to

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