Rav Dhaliwal, now a Venture Partner @ Crane Venture Partners, has 20 years of leadership positions in hypergrowth enterprise software ventures like Slack, Zendesk & Yammer.

We explored why enterprise technology CEOs & leadership teams must:

  • ensure customer success is everyone's priority - hence there is (or should be) no such thing as post-sales!
  • change their hiring processes to ensure they hire for customer-success behaviours 
  • update remuneration models to incentivise customer success behaviours
  • prioritise change management expertise across all leadership roles
  • implement hiring processes that enable them holistically to understand the behaviour of candidates before they are hired 

For more insights into Crane Ventures head over to https://crane.vc & for advice on recruiting & retaining senior talent to scale-up your enterprise SaaS venture check out https://alpinasearch.com



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