Neil Ryland is the CRO at Peakon - funded by EQT Ventures, Sunstone Capital, IDInvest and Tommy Ahlers – who's SaaS platform helps companies maximise their employee engagement, retention and productivity. Prior to Peakon, Neil was the Chief Revenue Officer at Huddle, one of Britain’s most successful VC funded enterprise software ventures - Neil re-located to San Francisco to spearhead Huddle’s US market entry.

Neil explains:

  • How he’s overcome a sense of “impostor syndrome” at various stages during his career
  • Why it’s crucial, for any European enterprise software business expanding to The States, to relocate a key individual from the leadership team to establish and lead the US business
  • His definition of the 3 stages of venture businesses: startup, growup, scaleup – and the characteristics that define success in each of those 3 phase
  • The sales academies he’s developed at both Huddle and Peakon to replicate the approach, to training and nurturing talent, deployed by many of the world’s most successful blue chip IT companies

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