Mikael Johnsson co-founded Oxx VC in 2016 to help bridge the gap for European B2B software companies who have great traction but need capital to scale up. On 11 Feb 2020 Oxx closed a further $133m in funding to back Europe’s most promising SaaS ventures. Mikael's completed over 30 equity transactions and sits on several boards including the potential unicorn - Funnel.io.

We discuss:

  • Too much VC investment going into B2C startups hence many potential B2B ventures are left behind
  • The viability of creating successful B2B ventures with slower initial revenue growth - typically overlooked by VCs
  • Intense focus as a recipe for success both for VC funds & B2B startups
  • Why Oxx encourages portfolio companies to take a breather & assess some of the things they may have overlooked in the early stages to build a stronger foundation for sustained growth 
  • The dynamic progress of funnel.io - a strong contender for future unicorn status - a team of smart, passionate, dedicated individuals hell-bent on solving a very large, high impact, problem 


For more insights into enterprise SaaS venture funding check out https://www.oxx.vc & for advice on hiring world class talent for B2B SaaS start-ups and scale-ups head over to http://alpinasearch.com

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