Mark Roberge is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, former CRO at Hubspot, Author of Best Seller "The Sales Acceleration Formula" and Founding Partner at Stage 2 Ventures – a new VC fund leveraging go-to-market expertise from the world's most successful software/SaaS ventures to support sustainable revenue growth in B2B start-ups.

Mark’s also a regular on the conference circuit - his session was the highest-rated talk at SaaStr 2019!

Mark discusses in detail:

  • His framework to drive sustainable SaaS revenue growth comprising 3 stages: product-market fit, go-to-market fit and – finally – “growth and moat”
  • His belief that the headlong pursuit of revenue growth – ignoring customer value creation, churn, and revenue retention – damages many tech ventures
  • How to ensure you have trueproduct–market fit and continuing customer success - month after month, quarter after quarter!
  • Why churn is a “silent killer” and why business leaders must quickly identify, and track, leading indicators for churn and customer success 

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