Mark McDermott is Co-Founder & CEO at ScreenCloud, funded by Point 9 Capital, who supercharge the way companies display, interact with, & act upon key news & insights. We explored:

  • How to deliver a full platform rebuild whilst ramping your revenues 6x!
  • How to recruit a distributed team across 3 continents & how to flex the culture locally without sacrificing your core organisational values 
  • Why scale-ups must hire leaders who’ve rapidly scaled small businesses previously: neither early stage startup nor blue chip experience prepare you for the unique challenges of a scale-up
  • How teaching fitness & gym classes has grown Mark's confidence in public speaking as well as his physical & mental health 
  • Why the pandemic requires leaders to be more empathetic & more open in their internal communications 
  • How ScreenCloud's pre-emptive action to offer to credit their clients - before CV19 lockdowns became widespread - has built trust & alignment with their customers

For more insights into ScreenCloud head over to & for advice on successfully scaling your enterprise software venture check out


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