How will the blockchain & the "circular economy" create a better world by 2030?

Leanne Kemp is the CEO @ Everledger – an award-winning scale-up who use blockchain, artificial intelligence, intelligent labelling & IOT to increase transparency in global supply chains. Leanne is also Chief Entrepreneur at The Office of Queensland Australia and an Advisor to the OECD and the World Economic Forum

We explore:

  • Why blockchain technologies are a force for the good in terms of supply chain transparency & trust
  • How blockchain will transform the World Wide Web into the World Wide Ledger
  • The circular economy & why will this change the world for the better by 2030!
  • Sustainability: how to use web 4.0 technologies to convert waste into value 
  • How regional collaboration between government, academia & startups can produce many successful “zebras” as opposed to rare, hyper-successful, unicorns!
  • Why the innovation delivered by “quiet achievers” should inspire us more than the hyperbole of iconic entrepreneurs who make it to the front page of Time Magazine 

For more insights into blockchain & the circular economy head over to & for advice on successfully scaling B2B software ventures check out

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