Kjartan Rist, Founding Partner at Concentric Partners, has spent the last 18 years focusing on the technology start-ups and scale-ups as a founder, advisor, Board member and investor. He’s been involved in over 50 transactions and founded or co-founded 2 successful VC funds and a merchant bank. 

Kjartan discusses:

  • The valuable lessons he learned in his early days in VC from experienced investors - like Nenad Marovac & Steve Schlenker at DN Capital - and also Steve Papa, the founder-CEO at Endeca
  • The value a local VC firm can provide to a tech venture developing an international footprint – in terms of strategic business development and local go2market strategy
  • A very candid analysis of the challenges faced by 1 of his enterprise software investments - including the dangers of relying too much on a single route to market - and the steps they are now taking to overcome those challenges
  • The crucial role played by advisory boards to augment the CEO and his/her skills

For more VC insights check out http://concentricteam.com and for advice on hiring executive talent to scale your enterprise software venture head over to http://alpinasearch.com


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