Joshua Wohle is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Series B funded SuperAwesome backed by Mayfair Equity Partners, IBIS TMT, Hoxton Ventures and a host of other VCs.

SuperAwesome's technology powers the kids digital media ecosystem. Their products are used by hundreds of kids content companies and brands to provide kid-safe digital functionality, authentication and advertising.

Joshua is a serial entrepreneur having founded several tech start-ups - since starting his 1st venture whilst at school - including Targetz: a mobile, real-time, location-based community marketplace for services.                   

In today’s episode you will learn:


  1. How Joshua launched his first startup as a 16 year old at school – even as a teenage entrepreneur he was selling to large enterprise clients like the private Swiss banks 
  2. How he was introduced to his co-founder at SuperAwesome…by an algorithm!
  3. About the need for founders and entrepreneurs to have the resilience to bounce back from failure and to dig really deep, emotionally and mentally
  4. How, as your software venture evolves, you must also evolve to ensure you’ve the skills to continue to drive the business forward
  5. How to find and engage with mentors with valuable insights to help you handle the challenges of scaling-up a business

For more background on SuperAwesome, check out and head over to for advice on scaling your software venture.

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