Jan Quant is the Co-Founder and CEO of Screendragon a UK headquartered enterprise software scale-up who, soon after inception, successfully entered the US market and have continued to expand internationally despite having zero VC funding.

Jan explains

  • How he transitioned from a financial and operational background in the music sector to becoming an enterprise software CEO

  • Why and how UK and European software startups should quickly and effectively target US markets
  • The importance of customer centricity – how to delight your customers and leverage customer revenues instead of VC funding to scale your business
  • How corporate procurement practices have become increasingly sophisticated and the steps software ventures need to take to establish referenceable relationships with blue chip clients 

Head over to http://www.screendragon.com for more details on Screendragon and check out www.alpinasearch.com for more advice on globally scaling your enterprise software venture.



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