Andre Francois is the CEO & co-founder at Happy at Work who's digital solution helps organisations measure & monitor their well-being and create sustainable work environments - rather pertinent in 2020 when people, businesses and society are suffering immense health and wellness challenges!

This episode was recorded in late April 2020: Andre was in lockdown in Budapest – where he relocated before the COVID19 pandemic to join Design Terminalʼs startup accelerator

Key insights from our conversation include:

  • How to evaluate employee engagement levels & motivation in remote work environments 
  • Routines are crucial for remote teams - how to get the best out of your WFH teams 
  • How to ascertain if your business is ready to relocate to join a startup accelerator 
  • Creating a strong culture & replicating it overseas is challenging - Andre outlines his tips for overcoming these challenges

To find out more about employee engagement & well-being head over to and for guidance on hiring talent for B2B SaaS scale-ups check out

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