Alan Vey & Annika Monari are the Co-Founders at Aventus Systems, a pioneer in blockchain technology that’s been dubbed “the bitcoin of ticketing”. They closed one of the largest cryptocurrency funding rounds outside of The States just over 12 months after Aventus was founded: their $20m “Initial Token Offering” - led by Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund - was sold out in just 7 minutes!

Alan and Annika discuss: 

  • Which types of business can best leverage blockchain technology
  • How to go about raising a cryptocurrency funding round
  • How a company funded with cryptocurrency engages with employees and suppliers who might prefer to receive payments in a traditional currency
  • The differences between Ether – the cyptocurrency that was used to fund Aventus - and Bitcoin
  • Their perspective on the Bitcoin “bubble” and how they've ensured business contacts and employees are confident about the stability, and the growth potential, of the Aventus business model

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