Bethany Ayers, CCO at, has a track record leading high-growth SaaS businesses in GTM strategy, rapidly scaling their sales organisations, delivering profitable partnerships & fundraising from VCs. 


Peak - who raised a $19m Series A from MMC & Praetura - have deployed their enterprise AI solution at bluechips like PepsiCo & Asos to accelerate growth, profitability & sustainability.


We discussed:

  • hiring proven scale-up sales talent to ramp ARR from $1m to $10m!
  • changing organisational structures & incentives to align outcomes in sales, marketing & customer success 
  • implementing ideas from brilliant thinkers like Patrick Lencioni to create high performance organisations
  • avoiding vanity metrics & over-engineered KPIs
  • overcoming imposter syndrome 
  • the challenges of diversity hiring - especially in senior roles & key functions like enterprise sales 


Bethany recommends these books for any scale-up business leader:

  • Patrick Lencioni's "Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team" - especially the Manga version!
  • Verne Harnish's "Scaling Up"
  • "Tribal Leadership" by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright

For more insights into Peak head over to & for advice on hiring proven scale-up talent check out

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