David Ratner is the CEO at Realm - the data management platform and solution that seamlessly handles connectivity, latency, transport and other backend details for mobile, IOT, and other connected apps.David’s previously had successful exits at Carrier Access and Openwave. Realm has a roster of high profile investors including Andreesen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Khosla Ventures and Y Combinator.

David discusses:

  • Why “the enemy of best is not worst...the enemy of best is good enough”
  • How and when to launch a 2nd product - when your initial product is a big success - and how to balance resources between the 2 products
  • The challenges of getting messaging on-point for enterprise software businesses
  • Why hiring for cultural fit is way more important than hiring for the exact skillset 

 For more insigts into Realm's technology head over to https://realm.io and for advice on hiring world class start-up & scale-up talent check out http://alpinasearch.com


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