Christian Hernandez is a co-founder & Managing Partner at White Star Capital, where he draws on his extensive experience in developing and scaling products and platforms internationally. 

Prior to co-founding White Star Capital, Christian worked at Facebook and led the led the international expansion of the company’s Business Development, Platform and Gaming Partnerships groups. He previously held leadership roles at Google & Microsoft having started his career at MicroStrategy, a start-up he joined prior to their 1999 IPO.

Christian discusses:

  • How regulation and regulators, rather than being a challenge to overcome, can be a huge opportunity for start-ups to create differentiators and barriers to entry 
  • How to co-develop enterprise technology solutions with clients – helps with funding, customer feedback, etc
  • How to effectively price innovative enterprise software & Saas products
  • “Re-cycling”: the single largest driver of outperformance in VC funds

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