Alexandre Pelletier is a Partner at the French B2B VC fund Cap Horn.  He invests in enterprise software & SaaS ventures like Powell Software, Reach Five & Saagie

Prior to becoming a VC, Alexandre had leadership roles at Tata Communications and Microsoft.

We discussed:

  • The advice Cap Horn is giving to their portfolio to help them survive the COVID19 pandemic
  • The vitality of unit economics - too often overlooked by startups    
  • Why "partnering with influencers” is a vital go2market strategy for enterprise software startups & scaleups 
  • Why Cap Horn don’t believe in unicorns, they believe in champion horses
  • Why profitable will become sexy again!
  • Why this is a superb time to start a business - or to rethink your business

 For more insights into Cap Horn check out & for advice on hiring world class talent for B2B scale-ups head over to


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