Alex Dunsdon has a portfolio of different roles – he’s a partner at early stage investor Saatchinvest where he’s invested in successful startups like Citymapper and also a co-founder at The Bakery who describe themselves as “a pioneer in accelerating open innovation”

Alex explains: 

  • the fundamental requirement for any enterprise software venture to demonstrate that their solution addresses clearly defined user needs
  • how The Bakery helps start-ups solve fundamental problems for, and close multi-million dollar deals with, global blue chips
  • how Saatchinvest assesses the DNA of CEOs pitching for investment
  • how founder-CEOs need to evolve their behaviour and leadership style as their company grows
  • the hype around AI: most “AI” implementations, thus far, comprise a few simple automated processes
  • why the quality of enterprise sales talent in Europe falls so far behind the US
  • how shocked he was by the VC mantra “growth at any cost” and why he'd be bored if he was purely a startup investor/VC!

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