Janneke Niessen  is a serial entrepreneur, investor, board member & mentor for startups and the co-founder of CapitalT, a VC fund investing in software startups using proprietary technology to evaluate entrepreneurial teams. 


She’s also the co-initiator of InspiringFifty - which aims to increase diversity in tech by making female role models more visible. 


Janneke’s won many awards for her contribution to tech and society including EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 & Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year in 2019

We explored:


  • Why VCs need to be more diverse if they are to invest in diverse startups - & why this is also important for ROI
  • The mental health struggles most entrepreneurs experience & the support networks to help them cope 
  • How the entrepreneurial bug drives us forward despite the pain we all go through!
  • CapitalT's proprietary platform "VCVolt" which - based on 5 years of deep research into the performance of a thousand entrepreneurial teams - helps Janneke & her colleagues evaluate leadership teams, select which companies to invest in, & provide ongoing support to help portfolio companies fine-tune their teams  


For more insights into CapitalT head over to https://www.capitaltvc.com  & for advice on successfully scaling your enterprise software venture check out https://alpinasearch.com


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